(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: I have problems with the videos.

A: You need a codec to decompress the videos. Some videos on this site use the Xvid codec, some DivX, etc. Try to install ffdshow which handles a set of codecs.

You also need a media player capable to open video files (.avi/.mpg/.wmv). Windows Media Player which comes with Windows XP is capable to do this task.



Q: How do I download the videos?

A: Right click with your mouse on the picture of the video and choose "save target as". Choose the destination and when the download is finished you can open the file.



Q: Where can I buy Spaghetti Western DVD's?

A: The DVD page contains links to some Internet DVD shops. All DVD's aren't available and can have been sold out. Try some Ebay type sites. You can use DVD Aficionado to search for DVD releases.



Q: There should have been an update but I can't see it on my Internet browser.

A: The page is loading from you're cache memory. Refresh the page until you see the updated material.



Q: Why should I donate?

A: The site will probably stay up and running even if you don't donate. I am paying for the webspace and also need money for beer so I can sit through those bad Spaghetti movies.



Q: Where does the name "Shobary" come from?

A: Once when I ordered a pizza by phone they didn't get my name right so it ended up reading Shobary on the receipt. Shobary is a "Middle East" name and the Pizza employers are usually refugees from the Middle East here in Finland. I had the same name on my ISP account where I first put the website. I've had plans to change the name but I've become know in the SW community as Shobary.