Fasthand Is Still My Name

Mi Chiamavano 'Requiescat'... Ma Avevano Sbagliato



Jeff Madison - Sergio Ciani


Machedo - William Berger


Also Starring: Gilberto Galimberti, Celine Bessy, Frank Braρa, Francisco Sanz, Fernando Bilbao, Lorenzo Robledo

Directed by - Mario Bianchi


Reviewed version - Franco Cleef

After the civil war some rebel southern gangs still exist. One such gang in Machedo's. Major Madison is a northern officer fighting the gangs, he gets caught by Machedo, tortured and looses his right hand. Two years later he is still out for revenge and hunts down Machedo's gang.

In 1972 the serious Spaghetti Westerns where already dying out and 'Fasthand' wasn't much help to the genre. It is a simple, slow paced and dragged out revenge story not presenting anything new. Sure it got violence, torture, a coffin of gold, a damaged hero, flashbacks, muddy streets and a gimmick revolver, which I would have wanted to se used more than in the finale. But it doesn't help much since all that was already made much better in previous Spaghettis.

Sergio Ciani's Madison is not very efficient but atleast he looks cool in his Sartana like costume. Berger is ok as usual but seems a bit unmotivated and overacting at places. It got some familiar faces and even Lorenzo Robledo taking his trademark torture beating.

The music by Gianni Ferrio is really poor for a SW and doesn't add anything to the atmosphere. The girl is supposed to sing "That man" but it does sound more like "Batman".

You could look at it as a honor to the dying genre or just a poor effort that helped taking it down. But check it out, who knows, you might even like it.


Kills: 38 Madison - ††††† ††††† ††††† †††
  Machedo - †
  other - ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††


Madison: "-Have any prayers you haven't said?"

Machedo: "-Nobody is as pathetic as you are!" Madison: "-I've been waiting around for you Machedo, you see I'm gonna shoot you now."












23 February 2008