Fighting Fists Of Shanghai Joe

Il Mio Nome Shanghai Joe


Shanghai Joe - Chen Lee


Spencer - Piero Lulli



Scalp Jack - Klaus Kinski        Sam - Gordon Mitchell


Directed by - Mario Caiano


Kills: 16

Shanghai Joe - + beats up 18

other -


Reviewed version - X Rated Kult DVD (Note that the screenshots does not match the quality of the DVD)

I've always been a fan of the "old school" Kung-Fu movies and here we have a hybrid between a Kung-Fu movie and a Spaghetti Western. It's more a Spaghetti Western though.

The plot doesn't show much imagination from the writer. Basicly Shanghai Joe comes to the west, he goes from place to place, trouble to trouble. The Americans don't like him so he ends up in many fights. When Shanghai Joe helps some Mexican peons from slavery he get in trouble with Mr. Spencer. Spencer hires some professional gunslingers to take care of Shanghai Joe. Klaus Kinski and Gordon Mitchell stand out of these men and are great. Claudio Undari is also good as "Pedro the Cannibal". Kinskis character "Scalp Jack" gets my prize for the craziest madman in a Spaghetti Westerns. These are very small parts though, not much screen time, but they make the rating go up.

The movie uses the same music from 'Have a Good Funeral, My Friend... Sartana Will Pay' by Bruno Nicolai.

Not much of a Kung-Fu movie due to the fact that Shanghai Joe is the only one who knows Kung-Fu. The final duel is against a chinaman but it's nothing spectacular. The gore level is pretty high, we have an eye pulled out, arms broken and cut, and much blood when people get shot. If you see the trailer you think you will be in for a great ride, that is not totally the case here though.


Some dialogue:

Spencer: "-Please don't kill me, I beg you, let me go!" Shanghai Joe: "-If you where a man I'd kill you but you only a rotten mess of flesh."

Scalp Jack: "-You know who I am?" Doctor: "-Yes I know and I wish I didn't."