Find A Place To Die

Joe... Cercati Un Posto Per Morire!



Joe Collins - Jeffrey Hunter


Lisa - Pascale Petit


Also Starring: Giovanni Pallavicino, Reza Fazeli, Nello Pazzafini, Adolfo Lastretti, Piero Lulli


Directed by - Giuliano Carnimeo


Kills: 39

Joe -

other -


Reviewed version - VCI DVD

Lisa and her husbands gold mine is attacked by bandits and Lisa rides away to get som help. She hires a group of controversial men with interest in both Lisa and the gold. Joe takes Lisa under his protection. Againt them is Chato's gang of bandits who are after the same two things.

I found this movie very uninteresting and boring. Might be the poor story or the characters that lack charima and depth. It's the worst of Carnimeo's SW's I've seen. Strangely it's made the same year as the great 'The Moment To Kill', you would'nt think these two came from the same director. Editing is also poor, the same gun can have different sound from shot to shot and we don't get to see the final showdown. Even if the kill count is almost 40 with only a few of gunfights, it still feels they shoot a lot but nobody drops. On top of it all the video quality on the VCI disc is poor. No wonder I never finished watching this the first time I tried some year ago. Sure there are worse Spaghetti Westerns out there but I think I need atleast 5 years until I might be able to watch it again.


Some dialogue:

Joe: "-Good job!" Paco: "-It's my business." ... Paco: "-Good work." Joe: "-It's my hobby."




2 December 2007