Fistful of Dollars

Per Un Pugno Di Dollari


Joe - Clint Eastwood


Ramon Rojo - Gian Maria Volonte


Directed by - Sergio Leone


Kills: 57

Joe -

Ramon ~

other ~


Reviewed version - English widescreen

The movie that gave the Spaghetti Westerns a new look, introducing "Man with no Name", anti hero and numerous other things that the rest of the Spaghetti Westerns stand in debt of.

Joe rides into town and find out there are two quarreling bosses, the Baxters and the Rojos. He looks upon it as a chance of making money and starts to manipulate both sides. Eventually he gets caugh and beaten up. But makes it back in time for the final showdown.


Some dialogue:

Silvanito: "-Eating, drinking, killing, thats all you can do, just like the rest of your kind."

Ramon: "-You mean you don't apply to peace?" Joe: "-It's not really easy to like something you know nothing about."

Music clip: A Fistful Of Dollars.mp3