Forgotten Pistolero

Il Pistolero dell'Ave Maria


Sebastian - Leonard Mann


Rafael - Peter Martell


Directed by - Ferdinando Baldi


Kills: 34

Sebastian -

Rafael -

other -


Reviewed version - Marketing-Film DVD

Rafael heads out from Mexico to find his childhood friend Sebastian, to tell him about his past. Sebastian has forgotten all about the night when his father was killed and do not know of his true mother. Together they ride back to Mexico to take revenge.

They spoil the plot too early and you pretty much know how to movie will play out, no suprises. Boring in the middle, lots of talk and no action.

Good music score by Roberto Pregadio, which has been used on many other occasions, like commercials.

I can't say I'm a big fan of Leonard Mann and this was the first time I saw Peter Martell. They did pretty good but I still feel that Forgotten Pistolero is a bit over rated Spaghetti Western.

Music clip: Forgotten Pistolero.mp3



24 July 2005