Garringo - Anthony Steffen


Johnny - Peter Lee Lawrence


Klaus / Sheriff - Josι Bσdalo


Also Starring: Solvi Stubing, Raf Baldassarre, Louis Barboo, Barta Barri, Lorenzo Lobredo, Guillermo Mendez, Antonio Molino Rojo, Luis Induni, Frank Braρa

Directed by - Rafael Romero Marchent


Reviewed version - MarkH fandub

Johnny's father is killed by some soldiers and he grows up with his foster father. When grown up his hatred toward soldiers remain and with his small gang kills them off every chance he gets. He even sends messages to the army headquarters about his doings. The army sends Garringo to capture him.

The plot might sound simple but it's more complicated than that. In Spaghetti Westerns we are used that the good are bad and the bad are badder. Here it is mixed, you can make your own choice. Both Garringo and Johnny seems to have two sides. Garringo might still fit the anti-hero mold and he is pretty ruthless at times. Johnny then again, in the presence of his sheriff foster father, he is an angel, elsewhere the maniac side comes in play. This makes a very interesting set up.

Including a good cast with a bunch of familiar Spaghetti faces and a great, catchy music score by Marcello Giombini. This is one of Steffen's best.


Kills: 27 Garringo - ††††† †††††
  Johnny - ††††† ††††† †
  other - ††††† †

Music clip: Garringo.mp3













10 August 2008