Get Mean



The Stranger - Tony Anthony


Sambra/Richard - Lloyd Battista


Diego - Raf Baldassarre


Directed by - Ferdinando Baldi



The Stranger -

other -


Reviewed version - Cine City DVD-R

The Stranger makes a deal to escort the princess of Spain back to her country, which has been taken over by barbarians. Once arrived at Spain the stranger gets in more trouble and have to find a treasure. Trying to make new deals to get more money he get is even more trouble and have to get mean to work his way out.

This is not your usual Spaghetti Western, it has some very strange elements and little is explained. It got barbarians, a gay character, a strange sphere and the 'Trials of Death'. Where the stranger gets beaten up by invisible souls(?) while he is owling like a wolf. He turns black and gets chased by a bull. As soon as he got the treasure he doesn't need it for anything.

Of course this is not to be taken seriously since it's basically a comedy, unintensional or not.

There's both some good and some bad music scores, the fast banjo score is specially annoying.

Got some nice pyroworks toward the end with dynamite and the strangers 4-barreled shotgun doesn't fail.


Some dialogue:

The Stranger: "-Business is business and I happen to be a businessman."

The Stranger: "-Now all you people in them coffins, I don't belive in this kind of stuff. -You hear me? -So don't be trying to turn me into no damn wolf."

The Stranger: "-What a crazy country, the women are men and the men are women."

Music clip: Get Mean.mp3






27 July 2006