God Forgive: His Life Is Mine

a.k.a. God Made Them... I Kill Them

Dio Li Crea... Io Li Ammazzo



Slim Corbett - Dean Reed


Don Luis - Peter Martell


Also Starring: Ivano Staccioli, Piero Lulli, Agnes Spaak, Linda Veras


Directed by - Paolo Bianchini


Kills: 35

Slim -

other -


Reviewed version - DVD-R

The bank is robbed in the small town of Wells. The sheriff is helpless so the judge and mayor calls in gunslinger Slim Corbett to investigate and find the guilty.

This one could have been so much better. Dean Reed is the biggest problem. He's an irritating slimey smartass. Looks alot like Roger Moore so you think it's James Bond running around. He's also a ladychaser and got some gadgets in his horse cart, so more resemblances to 007. By far the best thing in this movie is the theme music by Marcello Gigante. I pretty much lost the interest in the story in half an hour, only thing that kept me awake was the occasional gunfights which aren't too bad.

A different, maybe Sartana like, main character and finetuning the plot, this could have been a winner. Now it falls down to the uninterested mass with a few good scenes and a great score.


Some dialogue:

Town Mayor: "-Go to hell Corbett" Corbett: "-Looks like I'm here already."

Guard "-This is private property didn't you see the sign?" Corbett: "-The no smoking sign? - Who's smoking?" Guard: "-This gun will be in a minute."

Watch the main title sequence.




29 July 2007