God Forgives... I Don't

Dio Perdona... Io No!



Cat Stevens - Terence Hill


Hutch Bessy - Bud Spencer


Bill St.Antonio - Frank Wolff


Also Starring: Gina Rovere, Josι Manuel Martin, Frank Braρa, Franco Gula, Joaquin Blanco, Josι Canalejas, Bruno Arie, Paco Sanz, Remo Capitani, Josι Terron, Tito Garcia.


Directed by - Giuseppe Colizzi


Kills: 21

Cat - ††††† ††††

Hutch - †††††

Bill - †††††

other - ††


Reviewed version - 108min special project (Video from Polish DVD, English audio from Greek DVD)

Bill St.Antonio frames his death in a showdown with Cat Stevens in order to be able to make a train robberys without anyone suspecting him. Hutch works for the insurance company, where the robbed money was insured. He sees Bill's handmarks on the robbery and searches Cat to ask him if Bill could be alive. Cat gets interested in the money and also want to see Bill dead this time. The first movie in the Hill/Spencer/Colizzi trilogy followed by 'Ace High' and 'Boot Hill'.

This was the first movie with Terence Hill and Bud Spencer as a pair. Yes they had both been in a same movie before, Hannibal (1960), but they never met on set. Not comparable with the upcoming movies they would make. Not much comedy in this one. However there are some things you will recognize from their future movies. Frank Wolff plays a great villain, crazy, mean and funny too. As a curiosity Peter Martell was supposed to play the role of Cat Stevens but was replaced because he broke his leg, as a result when he had tried to kick his girlfreind.

The beginning of the film is a bit boring but halfway through, when the backgrounds been introduced it gets more interesting. There's a couple of scenes that I recognized from 'Fistful Of Dollars', I'm not sure if this was homage or simple copying.

Final vedict: Good stuff even if I'd wanted more gunplay. It's acutally one of my favourites since I have no trouble re-watching this again and again. Too bad it seems to be impossible to get an uncut widesceen English version DVD release, I had to make one myself. Edit: (30 March -07) There is an Dutch version available in widescreen and English.


Some dialogue:

Cat: "-Since when have dead men started to go around robbing trains?"

Bill: "-Wouldn't it be a nice world if everyone just minded their own business?"

Bill: "-You can't trust no one, ain't that right Bud? -I have to remember that in the future." Cat: "-There won't be any future for you, dead man."

Cat: "-Do you think you can remember six words in the right order? -Take the horse you find outside and tell the boss of that gang it's time to go on with the poker game we started a year ago."

Bill: "-Too many people." (Bang, bang, bang, bang) Cat: "-Yeah, too many people."




Updated 13 January 2007