God's Gun

Diamante Lobo


Lewis - Lee Van Cleef


Father John - Lee Van Cleef


Clayton - Jack Palance


Directed by - Gianfranco Parolini (as Frank Kramer)


Kills: 20

Lewis -

Father John - 0


other -


Reviewed version - Direct Source DVD (Note the screenshots have been improved and do not match the picture quality of the DVD. Here is an unmodified screenshot from the DVD)

A gang of bank robbers lead by Clayton makes some trouble in Juno City. The sheriff is uncapable of handling it so the town priest Father John brings the guilty man to justice. Like the sheriff feared the Clayton gang returns to town to take revenge and kills the priest. A friend of Father John, a young boy from the town heads to Mexico to find the twin brother of Father John to get revenge.

One of the last Spaghetti Westerns Lee Van Cleef made. Having some kind of reputation of being one of the worst Spaghetti Westerns made. Many people do not like this. Sure it's no masterpiece, but I have seen worse. At the bank robbery in the beginning alot of shots are fired but no one dies, only 3 sheriff deputies at the very end. Boring. Gets better toward the middle and end but still nothing special. Van Cleef mullet wig however is the worst ever. Father John also seemed to have had a spare wig since Lewis was able to construct a dummy with his mullet. Also a fullscreen bad Pan&Scan transfer, like this Direct Source DVD, has a tendency to make movies seem even worse. Van Cleef and Palance are far from their best but they still manage to save the movie from total disaster.

The music by Sante Maria Romitelli gives me some mixed feelings. Some of the music is total crap and do not fit in at all but then we get some whistles that really aren't too bad.

Filmed in Israel, which does not look too bad for a Spaghetti Western.

Better than it's reputation but not by much.


Some dialogue:

Lewis: "-Nobody could beat Johnny to the draw. -Then one day God put a bible in his hand, instead of a gun."

Music clips: End Titles.mp3



6 January 2006