The Grand Duel

Il Grande Duello



 Clayton - Lee Van Cleef


Philipp Wermeer - Peter O'Brien



David Saxon - Horst Frank


Directed by - Giancarlo Santi



Reviewed version - Wild East

Philipp Wermeer is accused of the murder of the Saxon patriarch. The Saxon brothers have bounty killers on Philipp's tail and want to see him hang. Sheriff Clayton has a protective interest in Wermeer since Clayton knows who is the true murderer.

Lee Van Cleef is great and cool in this one. For Peter O'Brien's (Alberto Dentice) part they could have cast someone else. Now he is of little interest and I didn't really care what happens to him. He is totally in the shadow of Van Cleef. The Saxon brothers are good in their parts and specially the youngest of them, Adam, played by Klaus Grünberg, is a memorable character.

The music divides me in two. There is a fine main theme but then there are also some too happy piano and violine themes that doesn't fit in. Locations are great, specially the opening scene.

It all sums up in a duel in the style of Sergio Leone. The intro, the close ups and the music, etc. are all well done but the Grand Duel is still the one in 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly'.


Kills: 37 Clayton - ††††† ††††
  Wermeer - ††††† ††††
  other - ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††


Clayton: "-I never kill for money."

Sheriff Eli Saxon to Clayton: "-You already said that in Jefferson and it cost you your star. Repeating it here will cost you a great deal more."

Eli Saxon"-Did you kill them?" Clayton: "-They never noticed it."




20 June 2006