This page contains information and errors about guns used by characters in Spaghetti Westerns.

Special thanks to Robert Cadek and Matthias Recktenwald for their knowledge and help.


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'Fistful of Dynamite':

At the bridge scene John is using a MG-32/42. Used by the German Wehrmacht, contructed in 1932, modified in 1942. The movie takes place in the Mexican Revolution 1911.


Juan is using a watercooled 1910 Maxim Heavy Machinegun.




Djangos machinegun is a fake. The construction of the gun is a hybrid between the French Mitrailleuse, a similar gun like the Gattling and not automatic, and e.g. a watercooled machinegun like the Maxim. The ammo belt does not move and there are cartridges on the belt on both sides of the gun. The empty cartridges should be trown out and an empty belt emerse from the other side. The belt is also placed too far back on the gun for the mechanism to work.



'Sabata' & 'Adios Sabata':

The gun used by Mr. Stengels men in 'Sabata' is a kind of Gatling, patented in 1862. Also makes an appearence in 'Adios Sabata' (picture below) and a few other Spaghetti Westerns.



'Fisful Of Dollars':

Ramon's machingun is a fake, much similiar to Django's. It has more barrels and triggergrips at the back. Note that there is no ammo belt, big misstake for Leone who was known to pay attention to details.



'The Mercenary' & 'A Bullet For The General':

The machingun in 'The Mercenary' is a Hotchkiss/Benet-Mercie with a metal magazine strip in French 8mm Lebel. Initially adopted in 1900 so it did exist at the time of the Mexican Revloution. The same gun is also used in 'A Bullet For The General'. Read more.