This page contains information and errors about guns used by characters in Spaghetti Westerns.

Special thanks to Robert Cadek and Matthias Recktenwald for their knowledge and help.


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'The Good, The Bad And The Ugly':

One of Angel Eyes men is using a Remington Revolving Rifle. Made from circa 1866 to 1879 by Remington in Ilion near New York. System: Closed frame with an screwed barrel and a ramrod under the barrel. The ramrod (when closed) holds the axis of the cylinder. Six shot cylinder, single action, caliber was either .36 or .44. Production quantity: Not more than 1000 items. This rifle/carbine follows the construction of the Remington Revolving Pistols, but it has a much longer barrel, a stock instead of a grip and a triggerguard with a large scroll or loop at the end.

The gun in this movie is probably a replica, made by Uberti from Italy. The original version from Remington has much longer barrels - mostly 24 or 28 inches, rifles with 26" are considered very rare. Compare that with the modern copies: they are much shorter, only 18".




Major Jackson uses a Winchester .44 Carbine 1873.




Sabatas rifle is a Winchester Model 1866 Yellow Boy. "A rifle that never misses." Quote from the Sabata trailer but not that true since Sabata has a unusual barrel that can be removed. This construction would have a poor precision.



'The Big Gundown':

The rifle Jonathan Corbett (van Cleef) got in the end sequence is a Colt Repeating Carbine 'Lightning Model Medium Frame', probably caliber .44-40 Winchester or .38-40 Winchester. This is one of the first American made Pump-Action guns. Colt called the operation of the system "Slide Action", another term in the old days was "Trombone Action". This gun was introduced in 1884, it's production ended in 1902.



'Day of Anger':

The front loading rifles used in the 'horseback duel' betweed Lee van Cleef and Benito Stefanelli are Remington Model 1863 Percussion Contract Rifle a.k.a. Zouave Rifle. Made: circa 1862-65. Kaliber: .58. The ones used in the movie are Italian copies from the 1960's.



'No Room To Die':

William Berger's seven barreled gun is a fake but based a so called Volley Gun. A Volley Gun shoots it's barrels all together after sqeezing the trigger. The gun had a massive recoil and known to have smashed men's shoulders. They have short barrels for reducing the weight. The most famous Volley Gun is that invented by British Captain James Wilson of the Royal Marines, circa 1779, and made by famous gunsmith Henry Nock in a small series of 635 examples.

The gun in 'No Room To Die' obviously has nothing to do with the historical Volley Gun. It's a typical movie prop, buildt with technical changes, made for movie purposes. A real Volley Gun was used in Ace High by Bud Spencer, where the gun correctly fires all the barrels at once.