They Call Me Hallelujah

Heads You Die... Tails I Kill You

Testa T'ammazzo, Croce... Sei Morto... Mi Chiamano Alleluja



Hallelujah - George Hilton


Alexej - Charles Southwood


Gen. Ramirez - Roberto Camardiel



Directed by - Giuliano Carnimeo


Kills: 124

 Hallelujah - (65)

 Alexej -

other - (47)


Reviewed version - Koch Media DVD

Mexico under the reign of Maximilian, bounty hunter Hallelujah is hired by the revolutionaries to steal some jewels from Maximilian. Hallelujah and the revolutionaries are however not the only one after the jewels. There's Mr. Kranz and his gang, a nun and a russian also interested in the jewels.

This is another fun, typical Carnimeo Spaghetti Western. With a pinch of comedy and a slaughterfest with some special weapon, this time a machine gun disguised as a sewing machine. The 'Senger' however only sings the tone of death in the beginning and the end of the movie.

George Hilton is great as Hallelujah and the actor choices are generally good. Some might say that the russian Alexej character could have been left out but he didn't annoy me that much.

Great stuff if you like the Carnimeo Spaghettis.


Some dialogue:

Sheriff: "-Freeze, bastard!" Hallelujah: "-Not very polite towards my mother, Sheriff."

Gen. Ramirez: "-What do you want to do with the gold? -You just need a piece of land for your grave."





1 May 2006