Return Of Halleluja

Il West Ti Va Stretto, Amico... Arrivato Alleluja



Halleluja - George Hilton


Archie - Lincoln Tate


Also Starring: Agata Flori, Roberto Camardiel, Umberto D'Orsi, Paolo Gozlino, Nello Pazzafini, Riccardo Garrone


Directed by - Giuliano Carnimeo (as Anthony Ascot)


Kills: ~28

Halleluja - +~25

other - 0


Halleluja is after an Aztec idol statue. The statue will gain the trust of 10.000 Aztec warriors. Needless to say the statue interest many parts. The rebels, Maximilians army, a rich investor and a couple of "gold diggers" are also after the idol.

Plotwise it's very similiar to the predecessor 'They Call Me Halleluja'. Instead of the jewels there is the idol, instead of the Russian there is the Scotsman and so on. More of a comedy than the first Halleluja movie. Less violent and the quarrels are settled with a fistfight rather than a gunfight. Got a small set of special weaponry known to Carnimeo's westerns. The bagpipe however doesn't fire bullets...

I found Flori and Tate a bit annoying otherwise the acting is decent, not bad but not great either. Some of the music is the same as used in the first Halleluja movie.

Doesn't live up to its predecessor but not too bad as a SW comedy. Doesn't get dull, specially if you like the lively mood in Carnimeos comedies. Personally I found the Aztec chief the funniest. Halleluja even does some Trinity style speed slaps.


Some dialogue:

Halleluja: "-This time we're gonna do things right."

Halleluja: "-Strange, I never imagined you knew who your father was."




18 February 2007