I Crudeli


Jonas - Joseph Cotten


Ben - Juliαn Mateos


Claire - Norma Bengell


Directed by - Sergio Corbucci


Kills: 46

Jonas & sons - ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† †††

other - ††††† †††



Reviewed version - English pan & scan

The Civil war is over. Jonas and his sons robs a Federal money transport and kills all the soldiers. Jonas has plans to reorganize the Confederate army but first they have to get the money home. They use a cover story and transport the money in a coffin. On their way they run into Federal soldiers, Sheriffs posse, Mexican outlaws and even indians, not to mention the women trouble.

If you expect showdowns and gunfights you will be disappointed. The movie is based on the intensity of being on the edge of getting cought, not gundowns. (Most of the kills are the Federal soldiers in the beginning.)

The main actors does not include any of the Spaghetti Western regulars and this takes alot away from the movie. I could almost picture Lee Van Cleef as the father and Gemma, Kinski and Hilton as the sons. That would have been something. There are three Spaghetti stars in minor roles. Aldo Sambrell as the leader of the Mexican outlaws. Benito Stefanelli as a poker player and Al Muloch as a beggar. (I almost cheered when Muloch finally entered the scene.)

Not your usual Corbucci Spaghetti Western and it has some American Western feel in it. The trumpet music is decent.


Some dialogue:

Jonas: "-You've got to respect the dead!" Beggar: "-I don't even respect the living."



13 Jan 2005