I'll Sell My Skin Dearly

Vendo Cara La Pelle



Shane - Mike Marshall


Georgiana - Michele Giradon


Mr. Magdalena - Dane Savours


Also Starring: Spartaco Conversi, Valerio Bartoleschi


Directed by - Ettore Maria Fizzarotti



Reviewed version - Jerksi DVD-R

Shane returns home after 12 years to take revenge on the men that killed his parents and sister for their land.

At first it seems that with the pace going, the revenge will be over in half an hour but when Shane is wounded and saved by a widow (Giradon) and her son the movie slows down a bit. Not that great on the plot but then again the German DVD (Marketing Film), which this unofficial english language release is based on, is heavily cut. At a running time of only 74 minutes you can even spot the cutpoints. The English dialogue doesn't always match the happenings and you get the feeling that there was a cut. The interrogation scene at the saloon then again seems way dragged out. The video got black vertical bars here and there to add to the viewing pleasure.

Mike Marchall's blue eyes even put Terence Hill's to shame. The Shane character seems to have issues, possessed with his revenge. He has some giggles similar to those of 'Death Played The Flute's main character. This could of course also just be Mike Marshall's acting skills. I found him quite funny.

Enrico Ciacci & Marcello Marrocchi's music is not that bad and the same main score is adapted in many different versions through the movie. For some reason they recycled two Ennio Morricone scores into the movie, 'Bullet's Don't Argue' and the chase score from 'Fistful of Dollars'.

Some nice camera angles and movements. Not as good as the trailer would make you think, but not a too bad effort for a simple revenge SW.


Kills: 22 Shane -
  Other -


Shane: "-You can bury a body, you can't bury a memory."














26 April 2008