In A Colt's Shadow

All'Ombra Di Una Colt



Steve - Stephen Forsyth


Duke - Conrado San Martin


Also Starring: Franco Ressel, Franco Lantieri, JosÚ Calvo, Anna Maria Polani, Helga LinÚ, Aldo Sambrell

Directed by - Giovanni Grimaldi


Reviewed version - 78min, english dub

Hired gunmen Duke (experience) and Steve (youth) does their final job together since Steve wants to retire and buy a ranch. He is also in love with Dukes daughter, which Duke doesn't approve of. Duke doesn't want his daughter to marry a pistolero, even if it's and ex one, since once you grab the pistol, it will follow you for the rest of your life. Duke is right and Steve gets in trouble in the new town where he is going to buy the ranch and settle down. Duke is also on his tail to settle the score about his daughter and the reward for their last job.

Being one of the earlier Spaghetti Westerns the Leone style had not kicked in with full force yet. It does have a more 'American Western' feel to it.

Both Forsyth and San Martin lack the SW hero look, they are clean, shaved, tidy and have, to some point, good manners. Their gunplay seems a bit sloppy but ok, it is pretty much concentrated to the end of the movie. Some nice stuntwork there also by the way. I pretty much had zero compassion for Steve, stupid enough to put away his pistol when he knows there are going to be trouble and annoying nonetheless. Ressel and Lantieri are the bad guys playing the town bosses (Jackson & Burns). Ressel doesn't come close to his perfomance in 'Sabata'. He does have a similiar scene as in Sabata. "-I was stupid not to have found the right man for the job." Aldo Sambrell has a small bit role and other SW regulars also makes appereances.

Music by Nico Fidenco is ok. Moody and fits the movie but nothing special.

If you're looking for Leone style gritty spaghetti you'd better to stay away, not a total waste of time though.



Kills: 37 Steve - 23 ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† †††
  Duke - 12 ††††† ††††† ††
  other - 2 ††













4 March 2012