Johnny Yuma



Johnny Yuma - Mark Damon


Pedro - Luigi Vannucchi


Carradine - Lawrence Dobkin


Directed by - Romolo Guerrieri


Kills: 43

Johnny Yuma -

other -


Reviewed version - Wild East DVD

Johnny's uncle Felton is going to leave his ranch to Johnny. Felton's wife however doesn't like it and would like her brother Pedro to take over the ranch. Together they kill Mr. Felton and hires a killer to kill Johnny. When Johnny Yuma arrives he has a lot to settle.

I don't like the Johnny Yuma character. He's irritating and made me hope for an unhappy ending. The problem is that the badguys are just as irritating as he is. We add a stupid comedy sidekick and pretty much all the characters are irritating. Only the henchman Hackey is more of the Spaghetti type I like.

This has more of an American Western feeling than a Spaghetti. I can see that some people might like this a lot but it didn't get me into the Spaghetti feeling.

Music by Nora Orlandi is decent but the lyrics are stupid.

As a Western OK, as a Spaghetti Western mediocre.

Music clip: Johnny Yuma.mp3




9 December 2005