Keoma - Franco Nero


Directed by - Enzo G. Castellari


Kills: 61

Keoma - (shoots 20, knifes 5)

other - (36)


Reviewed version - English widescreen (2.35:1)

Keoma comes back to his hometown after the war, the town has changed, there is plaque and a gang of gunfighters who kills people, mainly those with plaque. He gets in a quarrel with the gang and his halfbrothers. The beginning of the movie is very similiar to Django, he rescues a girl from some men, takes her to the local saloon, gets the key from a whore...

Keoma is a half-breed indian. He is hated by his halfbrothers because he got all the attention of their father. Keoma gets these "flashbacks" from his childhood, they are filmed so that they merge together with the present very nicely.

There is also Peckinpah style violent slow motions, which fits to the sort of gothic atmosphere very nicely. The music by De Angelis brothers is not you average Spaghetti Westerns music but i liked it anyway. I can imagine though that everyone doesn't like it.


Some dialogue:

Old woman: "-Aren't you tired of killing?" Keoma: "I have to survive."

Keoma: "-I have to do it alone, because I am alone."

Music clip: Keoma.mp3