Kill And Pray




Requiescant - Lou Castel


Ferguson - Mark Damon


Directed by - Carlo Lozzani


Kills: ~49

Requiescant -

other ~ (~41)


Reviewed version - Wild East DVD

A little Mexican boy is the only one to survive a massacre. He gets adopted by a religious family. Later the daughter of the family runs away and the now grown up boy sets out after her. The trail leads to the same men that massacred his people.

Might sound cool about a priest like character going around killing people and praying for them afterwards. Well it isn't. Requiescant is an innocent boy who shoots with the help of God, or by luck, whichever you prefer. No SW anti-hero stuff here.

Boring, mediocre, without much Spaghetti feel in it.


Some dialogue:

Ferguson: "-Who are you, what's your name?" Requiescant: "-Requiescant, it means rest in peace."




10 October 2005