Kill Them All And Come Back Alone

Ammazzali Tutti E Torna Solo



Clyde Mac Kay - Chuck Connors


Captain Lynch - Frank Wolff


Leo Anchσriz

Giovanni Cianfriglia

Franco Citti

Hιrcules Cortιs

Alberto Dell'Acqua

Also Starring: Furio Meniconi, John Bartha, Antonio Molino Rojo, Alfonso Rojas, Ugo Adinolfi


Directed by - Enzo G Castellari



Reviewed version - Wild East

During the Civil War, Clyde Mac Kay's gang of bandits are hired to steal some gold from the Union Army for the Confederate.

At first glimpse you might think this is another 'Dirty Dozen' adaption. We have the brains, the explosive expert, the muscles, the acrobat, etc. Same kind as in the later 'Five Man Army' and 'A Reason To Live A Reason To Die'. However the greed and double crossing that comes into play later on puts this one in another class. When we add the extensive action we get a highly enjoyable piece of Spaghetti cinema.

Too bad Chuck Connors didn't do more Spaghettis, he's great, as is Frank Wolff and the rest of the cast. Well, Alberto Dell'Acqua never was my favourite but his mainly there just for his stunt capabilities. Beautiful locations, nice music and in Spaghettis rarely seen underwater camera adds to the fun. Also check out the numerous stunts including the funniest death I've seen so far in a Spaghetti Western, check these screenshots. That guy turning over on his head should be seen in motion.

Simple and easy to watch action packed Spaghetti filled with sweat and dirt. Me like.


Kills: ~117 Clyde ~ ††††† ††††† ††††† †††††
(Estimate) Lynch ~ ††††
  The gang ~ ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† †††††
    ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† (85)
  other - ††††† †††












27 July 2008