Light The Fuse... Sartana Is Coming

Cloud of Dust... Cry of Death... Sartana Is Coming

Una Nuvola Di Polvere... Un Grido Di Morte... Arriva Sartana


Sartana - Gianni Garko


Piero Lulli


Directed by - Giuliano Carnimeo (Anthony Ascott)


Kills: 93

Sartana - (70)

other -


Reviewed version - Franco Cleef DVD-R

Carnimeos and Garkos last Sartana movie, much similar to Have a Good Funeral My Friend... Sartana Will Pay but in my opinion better. Actually the best Sartana movie of them all and my second favourite non Leone Spaghetti Western.

The story is a usual complicated Sartana story. 1/2 million dollars in gold and 2 million in counterfeit money have gone missing when the deal to buy the counterfeit money goes wrong. There are alot of parts involved and after the money, including the sheriff, an outlaw with his army, the banker and the widow just to mention a few. Sartana plays all parts and makes faulty deals to find out where and who has hidden the gold.

The intro and main title sequence is just superb, I could watch it over and over never to get tired of it. Great music by Bruno Nicolai. I can't find a bad thing to say about this movie. Well maybe that Sartanas horse change from time to time, in the intro he has a black horse, then it changes to his regular white horse but he rides away in the sunset on a black horse again. Sartana is also using a regular revolver more than his small pistol, which he actually acquire in this movie, but that's not a bad thing. I like revolvers better than toys.

Probably not a big suprise to Sartana fans that Sartanas organ in a very special kind of organ...


Some dialogue:

Warden: "-Found them murdered?" Sartana: "-No, when I arrived they where still alive and kicking."

Music clip: Sequence 2.mp3

Sequence 22.mp3





15 Feb. 2005