Man, Pride and Vengeance

L'Uomo, L'Orgoglio, La Vendetta



Don José - Franco Nero


Carmen - Tina Aumont


Garcia - Klaus Kinski


Also Starring: Guido Lollobrigida, Franco Ressel, Alberto Dell'Acqua


Directed by - Luigi Bazzori


Kills: 9

Don - †††

Garcia - †††

other - †††


Reviewed version - Franco Cleef DVD-R

A version of Carmen the opera in the settings of a Spaghetti Western. About a mans obsession and love for a woman he had better forget.

Although not really a western, because it is set in Spain, not the American Wild West, it gets close to the Spaghetti feel at times. The beginning is boring drama type movie without any Spaghetti Western action. When the outlaw part begins and when Klaus Kinski arrives it gets better. Carmen and Don José gets annoying real fast. You start pulling you hair and scream to Franco "What are you doing! Go dig up a machinegun and mow some people down!". Tina Aumont's femme fatale Carmen annoyed me even more. I hoped one of Tuco's friends would have appeared and said the familiar line from 'GBU' "-You just keep quiet old hen."

The Almeria locations are great. Klaus Kinski doesn't have a huge role but the time he is present, is the best of the movie, otherwise boring, annoying drama. I also finally understood the source for this joke (courtesy


Some dialogue:

Don José: "-It's over for us, we've come to the beginning of the end."

Garcia: "-I got nothing, personal against you. -It's the idea of having to share one ounce of gold with you that turns my stomach."




14 November 2006