Massacre Time

Tempo Di Massacro


Tom - Franco Nero


Jeff - George Hilton


Jason - Nino Castelnuovo


Directed by - Lucio Fulci


Kills: 52

Tom -

Jeff -

Jason -

other -


Reviewed version - English widescreen

When I saw the intro I though this is going to be just like Django the Bastard at least for the locations. I don't know why but I never felt the green forests as part of Spaghetti Westerns. As the movie goes on we see some more deserted and grey scenes but the green is always there...

Tom returns home after many years to find his family ranch sold and his half brother Jeff has become a drunk. The ranch was bought by Mr. Scott, who practically owns the whole town of Laramie. Scotts son, Jason, a sick weirdo hungry for power does whatever he please, under the protecton of his father. Tom has no idea of what's going on and his half brother Jeff doesn't want to help, until their mother is killed and they head out for revenge. There are some other plot twists but im not going into details.

The beginning, or you might say the first 3/4, of the move is dull. Nero/Tom does his first kill when the movie has run for 1 hour and 15 minutes... What saves the movie is the end gunfight and the music by Lallo Gori. The end isn't really that special but atleast we get some action.

p.s. I think they stole Clint Eastwoods wardrobe from The Dollar Trilogy for Franco Nero, without the poncho and a different hat.

Music clip: Massacre Time.mp3