The Mercenary

Il Mercenario



Kowalski - Franco Nero


Paco - Tony Musante


Curly - Jack Palance


Directed by - Sergio Corbucci


Kills: Rough estimates, difficult count.

Kowaski ~ 50+

Paco ~ 10+

Curly ~ 7

other - ?


Reviewed version - SPO Japanese DVD

Kowalski, a Polish mercenary arrives at the Mexican Revolution to sell his services. He gets hired by the beginning revolutionary Paco who doesn't seem to have a clue what to do. The mercenary exploits Paco's gang and charge high fees. Aside from the Mexican army they also have Curly on their tale after revenge.

Very similar to Corbuccis later 'Compaņeros'. If you like one you like the other. Musante is no Milian, even if I never was a big fan of Milian he sure beats Musante. I'd still rate 'The Mercenary' better than 'Compaņeros' but the differences are minimal.

I wasn't able to do the killcount since we have soldiers dropping like flies.

Morricone and Nicolai's music is decent. A bit too happy with the Mexican trumpets, otherwise great stuff.


Some dialogue:

Studs: "-You play with fire, you going to get burned." Kowalski: "-I wear gloves." Studs: "-I don't see them." Kowalski: "-I took them off, because without gloves I shoot better.

Music clip: Il Mercenario.mp3




18 December 2005