Minnesota Clay



Minnesota Clay - Cameron Mitchell


Directed by - Sergio Corbucci


Kills: 44

Minnesota Clay -

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Reviewed version - English widescreen

Minnesota Clay escapes from a workcamp to find out who framed him. He suspects it's Mr. Fox, who now have become a sheriff and taken over a town. The Mexicans are also fighting Mr. Fox and they try to hire Minnesota Clay. There are some framing and it pretty much ends up with Minnestora Clay against everyone. Similarities to Corbuccis later Django and The Great Silence can be seen with the handicapped hero. We also have a couple of voloptuous women, of which the other one is playing all sides.

Minnesota Clay has some nice short "one liners" but ordering milk at the saloon and the kind of "romantic" and "American" feeling drops the point for this western. Most of the kills comes from one big gunfight against the Mexicans otherwise there is not that much gunplay. The music is not remarkable.

An early Corbucci Westerns which feels more like an American western than a Spaghetti. You can see that The Great Silence emerged from this a couple of years later. We already have the defect, half blind  gunman and two endings, a happy and an unhappy.


Some dialogue:

Girl: "-I should thank you." Minnesota Clay: "-For what?" Girl: "-You saved my life." Minnesota Clay: "-I saved my own."



24 Oct 2004