A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die

Un Minuto Per Pregare, Un Instante Per Morire



 Clay McCord - Alex Cord


Governor Carter - Robert Ryan


Krant - Mario Brega



Directed by - Franco Giraldi


Kills: 46 (+5)

 McCord -

other - (+5 offscreen)


Reviewed version - MGM DVD

The story about the outlaw Clay McCord's journey toward amnesty. Having a cramping hand and bounty hunter on your tail the road is not easy.

I wish they would have cast one of the big SW stars as the main character because Alex Cord seems out of place. Stupid looking cylinder hat and not as tough as SW anti-heroes are used to be.

There is a bit of American Western feeling, not only because of Robert Ryan. However there are alot of familiar SW faces in minor roles, you are able to spot almost every member of Indio's gang from FFDM.

Music is left to the background ambient level with a few violin burst to keep the suspense. Some great scenery and some not so great.

Good directing but something is missing, with someone like Lee van Cleef or Franco Nero in the lead it could have been a classic.


Some dialogue:

Clay: "-Smoking is bad for your health." Marshal: "-So is holding a gun on a Marshal."





13 April 2006