The Moment To Kill

Il Momento Di Uccidere



Lord - George Hilton


Bull - Walter Barnes


Jason Forester - Horst Frank


Directed by - Giuliano Carnimeo (as Anthony Ascott)


Kills: 32

Lord -

Bull - (+2 offscreen)

other -


Reviewed version - Swedish VHS

Lord and his sidekick Bull rides into town. They've been hired to find the Confederate reserve of $500.000 in gold that are missing. Naturally the town boss also has his interest in the gold. With only a girl and a book as a lead they begin to look for the gold and make some corpses on their path.

George Hilton and Walter Barnes plays very well together as partners. Hilton still being the main star and Barnes being a backup guardian angel for him. Barnes is unforgiving with his shotgun and usually makes a one-liner after he guns someone down.

It doesn't look like they had a big budjet for this one but it manages to come through nicely. Simple but effective little Spaghetti Western gem which should get a proper DVD release.


Some dialogue:

"-You don't know who those two are. -They're Lord and Bull. -Where those two hang out there's bound to be some killing."

Lord: "-Everybody got the right to make an error. -Pity yours was fatal."

"-They know nothing but killing. -They're all the same. -Beasts with an appetite for nothing but blood and gold."

Music clip: Walk By My Side.mp3




22 June 2006