Navajo Joe


Navajo Joe - Burt Reynolds


Duncan - Aldo Sambrell


Directed by - Sergio Corbucci


Kills: 68

Navajo Joe -

Duncan -

other -


Reviewed version - Stingray Japanese DVD

Duncan and his bandit gang are hunting for indian scalps to sell them for $1 a piece. When they attack Navajo Joes peaceful home village and kills his woman, Joe sets out after the bandits. Duncan finds out about a money transportation on a train from an old prison buddy of him. The old friend knows the combination to the safe but needs Duncan to take over the train for him. Navajo Joe messes up their plans and returns the train to the town. Duncan does not give up and Navajo Joe offers to defend the town against the bandits.

Decent, regular Spaghetti Western without any suprises. Burt Reynolds as an indian avenger works better than you might think. Music by Ennio Morricone (as Leo Nichols) is great but I found the screaming intro in the main theme song annoying.


Some dialogue:

Navajo Joe: "-You shouldn't give up that easily." "-There is one way to get rid of your problem." "-Kill him."

Music clip: Main Theme.mp3



9 March 2005