My Name Is Nobody

Il Mio Nome Nessuno


Nobody - Terence Hill


Jack Beauregard - Henry Fonda


Directed by - Tonino Valerii


Kills: ~107-120

Nobody - 0

Beauregard - 7 + about 100-120 of the wild bunch


Reviewed version - english widescreen

Jack Beauregard, an old gunfighter who is going to quit and travel to Europe. Nobody idols Beauregard, and wants him to quit with style, in other means he wants him to meet the wild bunch, one man against one hundread and fifty. Beauregard is not too happy about this but in one way or another Nobody is going to get him to face them. Theres another plot also but it is left more in the background.

Hill does his usual comedy, with a set of "fast forward" draws and punches. Fonda is more like a traditional Spaghetti caracter, without the greed. The movie was produced by Sergio Leone. The director, Valerii has worked with Leone before, as assistant director in For a Few Dollars More. Morricone is once again behind the music and in my opinion all but the theme song is great.


Some dialogue:

Nobody reads a tombstone: "-Sam Peckinpah, thats a beautiful name a navajo."

Bandit: "-Make him pay first." Nobody: "-Why?" Bandit: "-Cause you don't look like you going to live long enough to get credit."

Music clip: Valkyries.mp3