No Room To Die

Una Lunga Fila Di Croci



Brandon - Anthony Steffen


Murdock "Preacher" - William Berger


Also Starring: Riccardo Garrone, Nicoletta Machiavelli, Mario Brega


Directed by - Sergio Garrone



Reviewed version - SPO Japanese DVD

The "bad guys" are smuggling illegal immigrants over the Mexican border for cheap labour. They all have a price on their head and that draws the attention of bounty hunters. Namely Brandon and Murdock. Lots of dubble crossing and plot twists leads us through the movie filled with gunfights and death. Mario Brega does a small "sidekick" role, not often we see him as a comedy good guy.

Directed by Sergio Garrone and starring Anthony Steffen. My thought immediately go to "Django The Bastard", which is one of my all time worst Spaghetti Western. That is not the case here though. Not up there with the top 10 but very enjoyable Spaghetti Western with a high kill count.

Kills: 82 Brandon -
  Murdock -
  other -