22 June 2008: Fernando Sancho actor page added.

15 June 2008: 'Ben And Charlie' review added (73%).

9 June 2008: '32 Caliber Killer' review added (63%). Peter Lee Lawrence added to actors.

26 April 2008: 'I'll Sell My Skin Dearly' review added (70%). Mike Marshall added to actors.

14 April 2008: 'Day Of Anger' main score by Riz Ortolani added to music.

6 April 2008: 'A Bullet For Sandoval' review added (77%).

26 February 2008: Linda Veras added to actresses. Joseph Egger SW filmography added.

21 February 2008: 'Sukiyaki Western Django' review added to 'other'.

12 February 2008: 'A Bullet For The General' review is updated, (Redone from scratch). A new layout on the review that will be used for future reviews. Lou Castel SW filmography added.

10 January 2008: 'A Taste Of Death' review added (77%). John Ireland added to actors.

29 December 2007: Added a set of trailers to YouTube, some same ones that I already had on the site but a few new ones too. You can also watch them on the trailers page.

24 December 2007: 'Django Last Killer' review (67%) added. George Eastman & Daniele Vargas actor pages added. Dana Ghia actress page added. Also opened a YouTube account for trailers and videos. Merry Christmas!

16 December 2007: 'Price Of Death' review (53%) added.

2 December 2007: 'Find A Place To Die' review (53%) added.

28 November 2007: 6 'Global Video' DVD covers + 4 Dutch DVD covers added.

20 October 2007: One of the older reviews, 'Sabata', has been updated.

9 September 2007: First non SW Western review added. 'Three Bullets... For A Long Gun'. You can find it on the reviews new 'Other' section.

16 August 2007: Added a link on fanwork to 'The Cold Rush'. A short animation with some SW influences.

2 August 2007: 7 DVD covers added, thanks Tom.

29 July 2007: 'God Forgive: His Life Is Mine' review (63%) + video clip added. Dean Reed added to actors.

11 July 2007: Corrected the Remo Capitani / Steven Tedd mix up.

10 July 2007: 'Death Played The Flute' review (73%) + music clip added. Remo Capitani & Franco Giornelli added to actors.

7 July 2007: 'The Dirty Outlaws' review (67%) + trailer added. Andrea Giordana, John Bartha, Aldo Berti, Rosemary Dexter and Dana Ghia added to actors/actresses.

7 June 2007: Lorenzo Robledo and Pedro Sanches SW filmographies added.

5 June 2007: Leonard Mann, Peter Martell and Ricardo Palacios SW filmographies added.

19 May 2007: 'Bandidos' review (80%) added. Marco Guglielmi, Cris Huerta, Terry Jenkins, Enrico Maria Salerno and Venantino Venantini added to actors.

18 May 2007: 5 custom DVD covers added: 'Born To Kill', 'Death Played The Flute', 'Dig Your Grave Friend... Sabata's Coming', 'John The Bastard', 'One Gun A Hundred Graves', thanks to Tom. + Brazilian 'A Gun For One Hundred Graves'.

12 May 2007: Peter Carsten added to actors.

10 May 2007: 'And God Said To Cain' review (73%) added.

18 March 2007: 'Apocalypse Joe' review (70%) + music clip added.

25 February 2007: 'Dead Men Ride' review (87%) + music clip added. Fabio Testi SW filmography added. José Calvo added to actors.

24 February 2007: Added a clip from 'My Dear Killer' featuring 'Django'. (Miscellaneous/Featured in)

18 February 2007: 'Return Of Halleluja' review added (67%).

17 February 2007: 100th review added: 'The Five Man Army' (77%) + trailer & music sample.  Review pages divided more evenly.

16 February 2007: '7 Dollars On The Red' review (67%) + trailer added. Loredana Nusciak & Elisa Montés added to actresses.

14 February 2007: 'Ringo, Face of Revenge' review added. (70%). Added link to a trailer on Miscellaneus / Fan Work.

25 January 2007: Music added, mp3 sample from Bruno Nicolai's 'Light The Fuse... Sartana Is Coming' soundtrack. Blooper page remade & added a few bloopers.

24 January 2007: 'Sugar Colt' review (60%) + trailer added. Hunt Powers & Luis Barboo added to actors.

23 January 2007: New design on trailers page.

22 January 2007: 'Vengeance Is Mine' review (80%) + trailer added.

13 January 2007: 'God Forgives... I Don't' review updated, with better pictures. José Mauel Martin SW filmography added.

6 January 2007: Finnish people, don't miss Yle Teema SW movies mondays, starting 8 Jan. with Bandidos!

3 January 2007: 'A Reason To Live, A Reason To Die' review (The Rest at 57%) + trailer added. James Coburn, Ugo Fangareggi & José Suárez added to actors.

24 December 2006: Merry Christmas! 11 DVD covers added (8 Brazilian, 2 German & 1 Argentinian).

16 December 2006: 'Matalo' review + trailer added. (73%).

26 November 2006: 'Pistoleros' review added. (77%). Anthony Ghidra added to actors.

21 November 2006: 'They Call Me Trinity' trailer added. Robin Clarke added to actors.

20 November 2006: 'Death Sentence' review added. (90%)

17 November 2006: 'Taste of Vengeance' review added. (70%). Ivan Rassimov added to actors.

15 November 2006: 'Jonathan of The Bears' review added. (67%)

14 November 2006: 'Man, Pride and Vengeance' review added. (50%). Guido Lollobrigida added to actors.

13 November 2006: 'Boot Hill' trailer added.

5 November 2006: 'Boot Hill' review added. (70%)

2 November 2006: 'Keoma' & 'Ace High' trailers added.

30 October 2006: 10 DVD covers added.

7 October 2006: 'The Stranger and the Gunfighter' review added. (50%)

16 September 2006: 15 DVD covers added.

29 August 2006: 'Sonny And Jed' review + music clip added (77%). Telly Savalas added to actors. Susan George added to actresses.

14 August 2006: Next movie poll is back in action, you can find it on 'Miscellaneous' page.

7 August 2006: Another 'For A Few Dollars More' blooper added. Antonio Molino Rojo page added at actors. (SW filmography still under construction.)

5 August 2006: John Phillip Law added to actors, better screenshots (widescreen) added to 'Death Rides A Horse' review. Added 'DRAH' music clip.

4 August 2006: 'I Want Him Dead' review + music clip added (80%).

31 July 2006: Added a fan film review, Firearm.

29 July 2006: Added a new section under Miscellaneous - Fan Work, with artwork by Mark Chester and some short films. 'Midas Muffler' commercial added. Custom Django DVD cover added.

27 July 2006: 'Get Mean' review + music clip added (53%).

22 July 2006: 'Adios Compañeros' review added to the very bottom at 3%

16 July 2006: 'One After Another' review added (77%). Richard Harrison added to actors.

15 July 2006: 3 DVD covers added.

14 July 2006: Link page clean up - added & removed some links, removed all banners, categorized.

22 June 2006: 'The Moment To Kill' review added. (87%). Pietro Ceccarelli added to actors. Some Jose Terrón images added, from his personal foto album.

21 June 2006: 'Ace High' review added. (93%). Steffen Zacharias added to actors.

20 June 2006: 'The Grand Duel' review added (87%), with trailer. Horst Frank added to actors.

12 June 2006: Tuco added to characters.

6 May 2006: 'Taste of Killing' (Wild East) & 'Blood At Sundown' (custom) DVD covers added.

5 May 2006: Commercials moved to subpage 'miscellaneous', added 'featured in' page at 'miscellaneous'. More will come later. DVD page divided into English and Non-English.

3 May 2006: Another 'Good, Bad, Ugly' blooper added.

1 May 2006: 'They Call Me Hallelujah' review added (87%). Paolo Gozlino & Agata Flori added to actors/actresses. Frederico Boido SW filmography added.

29 April 2006: 'They Call Him Holy Ghost' review added (87%). Pilar Velázquez added to actresses.

13 April 2006: 'A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die' review added (67%). Giampiero Albertini, Alex Cord and Nicoletta Machiavelli added to actors. New section 'Characters' up even if it's under constuction.

29 March 2006: Removed the white "borders" from actors, poster and reviews page. Divided reviews in three parts.

27 March 2006: Saturno Cerra, Antonio Gradoli, Luis Induni, Gino Pernice and Gianni Rizzo added to actors.

24 March 2006: 'The Specialist' custom DVD cover (by me) added.

22 March 2006: 'California' & 'The Specialist' reviews added. Johnny Hallyday added to actors. Next movie poll reset. Riccardo Pizzuti SW filmography added. I have taken a break from working on the new section, no clue when I finish it.

12 March 2006: 'Captain Apache' review added. Next movie poll reset. 17 DVD & 2 VHS covers added.

11 March 2006: Jack Elam, Gabriele Ferzetti, Jason Robards, Fabio Testi, Keenan Wynn added to actors. SW filmography of the three first + Lionel Stander and Marco Zuanelli. Actresses page added with Claudia Cardiale & Rada Rassimov. (This was not the uncoming section, which is still under constuction)

23 February 2006: Werner Abrolat, Joseph Egger, Jesus Guzman, Jose Marco, Panos Papadopulos, Franco Pesce and Ivano Staccioli added to actors.

19 February 2006: 7 DVD covers added.

17 February 2006: Jean-Louis Trintignant added to actors, with SW filmography. Bruno Corazzari and Simon Arriaga SW filmography added. Blooper from 'The Great Silence' added.

30 January 2006: Actor presumed to be Rafael Lopez Somoza moved back to unidentified.

29 January 2006: 'Comin' At Ya!' review added. Next movie poll reset. Actor Nazzareno Natale changed to Manuel Bermundez.

24 January 2006: Next movie poll (bottom of reviews page) reset.

23 January 2006: 'Taste Of Killing' review added. Craigh Hill (with SW filmography) and George Martin added to actors. 3 DVD covers added 'California', 'I Want Him Dead' and 'Man, Pride and Vengeance' by Franco Cleef.

22 January 2006: 'They Call Him Cemetery' review added.

18 January 2006: 'Blindman' Italian trailer added.

16 January 2006: 9 DVD covers added.

15 January 2006: 'Arizona Colt' review added. Next movie poll reset with some new titles.

7 January 2006: 4 DVD covers + 2 custom DVD covers added. (Blindman(Koch),Adios Compañeros,Fistful of Dollars(Czech), Sartana(Wild East) + custom Execution & The Grand Duel)

6 January 2006: 'God's Gun' review + music clip added. Next movie poll reseted.

27 December 2005: Next movie poll reset. I didn't add the movies I have on VHS this time due to poor image capture options.

26 December 2005: 'Tepepa' review, trailer & music sample added.

24 December 2005: Merry Christmas!

22 December 2005: Astra 400 from 'The Mercenary' added to guns (handguns).

18 December 2005: 'The Mecenary' review added. Poll of next movie reset. Raf Baldassarre & Tony Musante added to actors, with filmographies. José Canalejas, Eduardo Fajardo & Franco Ressel SW filmographies added.

9 December 2005: 'Johnny Yuma' review added.

8 December 2005: Added a poll about the next movie to be reviewed. You can find it at the bottom of the reviews page. (Already begun Johnny Yuma review so it's not in the poll)

7 December 2005: 'Blindman' added to reviews.

5 December 2005: 'Death Rides A Horse' trailer added.

24 November 2005: 13 DVD + 2 Custom DVD covers added. Some 'behind the scenes' pictures added. Rafael López Somoza identified and filmography added. Removed a a car blooper from FFDM, the cars where actually chickens after closer study.

21 November 2005: New layout on DVD page. Some DVD covers added, more will be added soon.

20 November 2005: Added another 'Good, Bad, Ugly' blooper (hanging rope).

15 November 2005: 6 more GBU actors (+ 2 unidentified) added, with filmography.

13 November 2005: Some actors added. Eli Wallach and Antonio Casas SW filmographies added. Divided actors page in two parts.

19 October 2005: Small change on actors page. Added an unidentified actor. Others not totally confirmed actors are now on the list with the rest.

10 October 2005: 'Kill and Pray' review added. Lou Castel and Mark Damon added to actors. Mark Damon SW filmography added.

8 October 2005: '$10.000 Blood Money' review added. Claudio Camaso with SW filmography added to actors.

25 September 2005: 'Viva Django' and 'Ringo - Face of Revenge' added to DVD. Another GBU blooper added.

19 September 2005: New banner by Sandro added to the actors filmographies.

18 September 2005: Ennio Morricone - La Resa added to music.

7 September 2005: Machineguns from 'Fistful Of Dollars' and 'The Mercenary' added. Guns page divided into 3 parts.

27 August 2005: 'Ennio Morricone - Compañeros' and 'Roberto Pregadio - The Forgotten Pistolero' added to music.

1 August 2005: 'Any Gun Can Play' & 'Johnny Yuma' custom DVD cover added.

24 July 2005: 'Forgotten Pistoleo' review & trailer added. Leonardo Mann, Peter Martell and Luciano Rossi added to actors.

5 July 2005: New banner (Special thanks to Sandro)

30 June 2005: 'Adios Sabata', 'Navajo Joe', 'Sabata', 'Return of Sabata', 'Tepepa', 'Trinity double', 'Ben and Charlie' and 'Comin' At Ya!' DVD covers added. DVD cover are now listed in aphabetical order by studio.

24 June 2005: Two bloopers from 'For A Few Dollars More' added.

24 June 2005: 'Once Upon A Time In Italy', 'Blindman', 'Price Of Power', 'Massacre Time', 'Death Rides A Horse', 'Man Called Sledge', 'Cemetery Without Crosses' and 'God Forgives...I Don't' (Danish) DVD covers added.

10 behind the scenes/cut scenes from 'For A Few Dollars More' added to pictures.

20 June 2005: 'Have A Good Funeral... Sartana Will Pay' and 'The Big Gundown' trailers added.

16 June 2005: 'The Stranger Returns' review added.

8 June 2005: 'Man Of The East' DVD cover added.

7 June 2005: Guns from 'The Big Gundown', 'Day of Anger' and 'No Room To Die' added to guns.

6 June 2005: Walter Barnes & Gérard Herter added to actors.

5 June 2005: 3 DVD covers added ('Hellbenders', 'Django + Django Strikes Again' and 'Find A Place To Die'.

Maurizio Merli, Donald O'Brien and John Steiner added to actors, with SW filmography.

4 June 2005: Site moved to new address. Some minor changes everywhere.

New sections, guns, contains informations and errors about guns used in Spaghetti Westerns.

New section, trailers, contains 10 Spaghetti Western Trailers, more will be added later, I just don't want to exceed the bandwith now in the beginning.

 New section, F.A.Q., frequenlty asked questions.

If you find any link leading to the old MBnet or shobary-westerns.tk or any dead link please let me know so I can correct them.

If anyone would feel like making a new banner for the site feel free to send in your work to my email address. Make it 750x150 pixels, also smaller banners welcome (468x60 pixels)

1 June 2005: 'Trinity Is Still My Name' clip added to download.

15 May 2005: 'The Bounty Killer' review added. 'Django The Bastard' clip added to download. 'My Name Is Nobody' DVD cover added. Tito Garcia, Ricardo Palacios and Richard Wyler added to actors. Richard Wyler SW filmography added.

1 May 2005: 'God Forgives... I Don't' clip added to download.

16 April 2005: 'The Silent Stranger' trailer added to download.

9 April 2005: Ángel Álvarez actor page added.

3 April 2005: "A Stranger In Town" review added. Tony Anthony SW filmography added.

2 April 2005: Added 3 DVD:s, "Stranger in Town + Stranger Returns", "Mercenary" and "Bounty Killer". Added 4 VHS front covers.

1 April 2005: "Django Strikes Again" trailer added to download. The other news stated earlier was an APRIL FOOL'S joke. A guestbook entry about this subject has been deleted. No talk about it anymore. I don't want them to close this site. :-)

27 March 2005: "Return of Ringo" review added.

21 March 2005: Added 3 DVD:s, "$10.000 Blood Money", "They Call Him Cemetery" and "Vengeance Is Mine"

20 March 2005: Added a universal Spaghetti Western DVD cover + 2 fonts. Added a Morricone track. (The Men From Shilo)

15 March 2005: "Light The Fuse... Sartana is Coming" clip added to download.

11 March 2005: "A Pistol For Ringo" review added. Antino Casas and José Manuel Martín added to actors.

10 March 2005: "Those Dirty Dogs" review added.

9 March 2005: "Black Killer" and "Navajo Joe" reviews added.

8 March 2005: GBU Special Edition DVD covers added, English and Finnish.

7 March 2005: "Shoot The Living... Pray For The Dead" review added.

1 March 2005: Matalo trailer added to download. 3 DVD covers added, "Boot Hill" "The Man From Nowhere" and "Pistoleros".

27 February 2005: "Adiós Sabata" review added. Yul Brynner added to actors, with SW filmography.

26 February 2005: "Price of Power" review added. Conrado San Martín added to actors, with SW filmography.

18 February 2005: List of upcoming reviews added at bottom of reviews page. (Not listed in the order they will be reviewed).

16 February 2005: Bruno Corazzari added to actors.

15 February 2005: "Day of Anger" clip added to download. "Light the Fuse... Sartana is Coming" review added, with music sample.

14 February 2005: "Any Gun Can Play" review added. Music samples from "Price of Power" and "Any Gun Can Play" added. Reviewed movie are now listed by ratings, from top to bottom. Edd Byrnes and Gilbert Roland added to actors with SW filmography, Riccardo Pizzuti added to actors.

13 February 2005: 3 DVD covers added, "Django The Bastard", "Forgotten Pistolero" and "Shoot The Living... Pray For The Dead". All reviews are updated with the new rating system. 3 music clips added from "Texas Adios", "Sartana in the Valley of Death" and "Four of the Apocalypse".

7 February 2005: Music clips from "Sabata", "Return of Sabata" and "Adios Sabata" added. Reviews now include link to music clips which are also on the music section.

6 February 2005: 7 DVD covers added, "Bullet For Sandoval", "Ace High", "Any Gun Can Play", "Johnny Yuma + Between God The Devil And A Winchester", "Keoma", "Kill And Pray" and "Return Of Ringo".

3 February 2005: 5 DVD covers added, "Minute To Pray, Second To Die", "Companeros", "Day of Anger", "Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die" and "Pistol For Ringo".

1 February 2005: "Cemetery Without Crosses" clip added to download. 3 DVD covers added, "Minnesota Clay", "Those Dirty Dogs" and "Bullet For The General". Thanks to Pauli and Garfer. Ace High blooper added, all blooper video clips are now downloadable and do not load in your browser. Was too much compability problems with them.

31 January 2005: Alvaro De Luna + 2 unidentified actors added. 2 custom DVD covers added (Big Gundown, Death Rides a Horse)

29 January 2005: "Face To Face" custom DVD cover added. Ángel Álvarez, Simon Arriaga, Frederico Boido, José Canalejas, Eduardo Fajardo, Franco Ressel, Antonio Molino Rojo, Pedro Sanches and Marco Zuanelli added to actors.

28 January 2005: "Cemetery Without Crosses" review and music clip added. I made a new rating system on the "Cemetery Without Crosses" review, let me know what you think f it.

16 January 2005: Sabata clip added to download.

13 January 2005: "Hellbenders" review added.

1 January 2005: Simpsons "SW" clip added to download. Special Happy New Year to whoever viewed my page at 23:48 local time, using Fastweb Italy.

21 December 2004: "Buddy Goes West" and "My Name is Nobody" added to DVD.

16 December 2004: "A Stranger in Town" trailer added to download.

9 December 2004: Added 4 DVD:s + cover + 6 custom DVD covers.

2 December 2004: "Django The Bastard" clip added to download.

28 November 2004: "Beyond The Law" review added. Antonio Sabato, Lionel Stander and Tony Anthony added to actors.

22 November 2004: I removed the commercial videos. They took up way too much space compared to their importance. There are now only screenshots from the commercials. Pepsi commercial added.

15 November 2004: Navajo Joe trailer added to download.

1 November 2004: The Mercenary trailer added to download.

26 October 2004: Added 4 bloopers, two from "Fistful of Dynamite" one from "The Great Silence" and one from "Keoma".

24 October 2004: "Minnesota Clay" review added. Ferdnando Sancho added to actors.

15 October 2004: Face To Face trailer added to download.

1 October 2004: Massacre Time clip added to download.

16 September 2004: Death Rides a Horse clip added to download.

5 September 2004: "Texas Adiós" & "Sartana's Here... Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin" reviews. George Hilton, Nello Pazzafini and Charles Southwood SW filmography added.

1 September 2004: "No Room To Die" clip added to download.

29 August 2004: Added 5 more Finnish posters. (Thanks to Pauli). New poster page for faster loading.

26 August 2004: Added 5 Finnish posters. (Thanks to Pauli)

25 August 2004: Jack Palance and José Bódalo SW filmographies.

23 August 2004: Added Ford Ranger "SW"commercial. (Thanks to Fermat)

21 August 2004: Better quality pictures from "Compañeros". Jack Palance and José Bódalo added to actors.

15 August 2004: "For A Few Dollars More" trailer at download.

1 August 2004: "Day of Anger" trailer at download.

31 July 2004: Better pictures from "Buddy Goes West". Bud Spencer SW filmography added. Blooper picture from "Gunfight at Red Sands" added.

24 July 2004: "Fighting Fists Of Shanghai Joe" review added. Claudio Undari added to actors. Gordon Mitchell and Claudio Undari SW filmography added. Piero Lulli and Klaus Kinski pictures added to actor page.

19 July 2004: Added some pictures to pictures page.

18 July 2004: "I Am Sartana Your Angel Of Death" review added. Gordon Mitchell added to actors. Gianni Garko, Klaus Kinski and Frank Wolff pictures added. Added 2 custom made DVD covers. Changed the actors page to have 4 actors in 1 row.

17 July 2004: Added Bavaria Beer commercial starring Lee van Cleef. (Thanks to Nessuno and The Dutchman)

15 July 2004: Trinity clip added to download.

4 July 2004: "Django Kill ...If You Live, Shoot!" review. Roberto Camaradiel and Piero Lulli added to actors. Piero Lulli Spaghetti Western filmography. Tomas Milian pictures added. Removed menu buttons from actors filmograpy pages.

2 July 2004: Sabata trailer added to download.

15 June 2004: Keoma trailer added to download.

12 June 2004: Have a Good Funeral, My Friend... Sartana Will Pay review + Gianni Garko Spaghetti Western filmography added.

10 June 2004: Acquasanta Joe review + Lincoln Tate added to actors.

8 June 2004: Some Dollars For Django review added. Also added a blooper from the movie.

1 June 2004: Il Grande Silenzio clip added to download.

16 May 2004: Sabata clip added to download.

8 May 2004: Redid the blooper page and added 2 GBU bloopers.

7 May 2004: New section "commercials". New buttons + banner. Removed one of Django 7 shot bloopers to get more space. 2 new GBU bloopers coming soon.

2 May 2004: Keoma clip at download.

15 April 2004: "A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe" part 2 at download.

1 April 2004: "A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe" clip at download.

15 March 2004: "Have a Good Funeral, My Friend... Sartana Will Pay" clip at download.

1 March 2004: Big Gundown titles at download.

15 February 2004: Trinity is still my Name trailer at download.

1 February 2004: Death Rides a Horse trailer at download. Face To Face review. Tomas Milian Spaghetti Western filmography. Nello Pazzafini and José Torres added to actors.

22 January 2004: 3 DVD covers added + 9 VHS covers. I will start to update the downloadable movie clip next month.

9 January 2004: Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda, Aldo Sambrell and Woody Strode Spaghetti Western filmography added.

28 December 2003: No Room To Die review + Anthony Steffen Spaghetti Western filmography added to actors. Download clips wont be updated for some time because most of the visitors haven't found the new address.

26 December 2003: Big Gundown, Face To Face, No Room To Die and OUATITW added to DVD.

20 December 2003: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

16 December 2003: Big Gundown review.

15 December 2003: Big Gundown clip at downloads.

7 December 2003: Moved the site to another server because I have not been able to connect to sunpoint. If you find any link that goes to sunpoint please send mail or write in the guestbook. It took a while to change all the links and I can't be sure if i got them all changed. The sunpoint site will remain there until I can connect to it but it will not be updated. Also added Cut-Throats Nine trailer at downloads + Dan van Husen added to actors.

24 November 2003: Spartaco Conversi and Franco Nero spaghetti filmography added.

18 November 2003: Mannaja clip at downloads. (Late b/c of server problems)

4 November 2003: Here is a little trailer (divx) of a project I'm working on. Don't expect it in the near future though.

1 November 2003: Fistful of Dynamite clip at downloads.

15 October 2003: Once Upon A Time In The West clip at downloads.

1 October 2003: Fistful of Dynamite clip at downloads.

29 September 2003: Facelift with new banner + buttons. (Thanks to amigo Matías)

28 September 2003: Better quality pictures on "Duck You Sucker / Fistful of Dynamite" review.

15 September 2003: Django clip at download.

1 September 2003: Keoma clip at download.

26 August 2003: A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe review + Terence Hill Spaghetti filmography + some picture updates on actors.

25 August 2003: Day of Anger review + Giuliano Gemma & Al Mulock Spaghetti filmography. Remade reviews & actors page.

23 August 2003: Lee Van Cleef Spaghetti filmography added.

19 August 2003: DVD section added.

16 August 2003: Viva Django clip at download.

9 August 2003: Remade the rating system, more info here.

1 August 2003: Movie clip updated.

21 July 2003: Benito Stefanelli Spaghetti filmography added.

16 July 2003: Death Rides a Horse clip at download.

9 July 2003: Remade the actors page. Added William Berger, Frank Braña, Mario Brega, Clint Eastwood, Klaus Kinski, Luigi Pistilli, Gian Maria Volonté and Frank Wolff Spaghetti filmography on actors page.

8 July 2003: New review: "Sartana in the Valley of Death". Also remade the Reviews page slightly so you don't have to scroll up and down as much as before.

5 July 2003: Another FaFDM blooper with 2 cars.

1 July 2003: Viva Django clip at download + FaFDM blooper.

21 June 2003: I feel much better and got bored. Viva Django review + download clip updated + some Terence Hill pics added to actors.

19 June 2003: I have been pretty sick lately and still am so no updates at this time...

1 June 2003: God Forgives, I Don't clip at download.

25 May 2003: Extras moved to bloopers + Django bloopers + Behind the scene pictures + 2 new Kinski pictures at actors.

15 May 2003: GBU deleted scene part 2 at download. + Run, Man, Run! review. + Tomas Milian added to actors.

1 May 2003: GBU deleted scene part 1 at download.

15 April 2003: Day of Anger at download.

1 April 2003: Fistful of Dollars trailer (part2) at download.

15 March 2003: Fistful of Dollars trailer (part1) at download.

4 March 2003: A bit late, movie clip updated.

23 February 2003: Sartana review added + Gianni Garko added to actors + Some picture update on actors.

15 February 2003: Movie clip update + got myself 6 new spaghetti westerns, will be added when I have enough time to review them.

1 February 2003: Movie clip updated.

15 January 2003: Django the Bastarad at downloads.

5 January 2003: Some posters added.

1 January 2003: Happy New Year! New clip at download.

18 December 2002: Music clips are back, let me know if something is not working.

15 December 2002: Download updated. I ran out of webspace so I had to remove the music clips. I will fix it later.

8 December 2002: Added some music clips.

6 December 2002: Man Called Blade/Mannaja review.

1 December 2002: New downloadable clip uploaded.

27 November 2002: Cut-Throats Nine review.

15 November 2002: Great Silence clip at download.

1 November 2002: GBU clip at download.

26 August 2002: The Man Called Noon review.

18 August 2002: Picture update on "For a Few Dollars More". Frank Braña + Lorenzo Robledo + Aldo Sambrell added to actors. Some other picture updates on actors.

15 August 2002: Return of Sabata at download.

1 August 2002: Keoma clip at downloads, I seem to have forgot to upload a clip at 15th, sorry.

8 September 2002: Return of Sabata review added.

1 September 2002: Great Silence trailer part 2 is up.

15 August 2002: Great Silence trailer, part 1, at download.

28 July 2002: Movie clip updated. (I will be away a week.)

15 July 2002: Movie clip updated.

2 July 2002: Movie clip updated. (Server down yesterday)

15 June 2002: Movie clip updated.

8 June 2002: Moved "car spotting" to extras link.

1 June 2002: Movie clip updated.

25 May 2002: Review of Four of the Apocalypse added.

15 May 2002: Movie clip updated. Server changed to a free one.

9 May 2002: Added actor picture page.

1 May 2002: Movie clip updated.

15 April 2002: Movie clip updated.

1 April 2002: Movie clip updated.

15 March 2002: Movie clip updated.

12 March 2002: Noticed that the link to Great Silence review didn't work. It does now.

8 March 2002: Review of Massacre Time added.

5 March 2002: Added 2 small pages where you can spot the cars in the background of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, check it here

2 March 2002: Picture update on The Great Silence review. (Better quality)

1 March 2002: Downloadable movie clip updated.

24 February 2002: New review in long time, God Forgives... I don't.

15 February 2002: From next month the monthly movie will be updated twise a month, I am also working on a new page for the site called "Actors", with various actor pictures.

11 February 2002: Added some upcoming clips to Download page.

3 February 2002: New url, new top design and guestbook added.

2 February 2002: Monthly movie updated.