One After Another

Uno Dopo L'Altro



Stan - Richard Harrison


Jefferson - José Bodalo


Glenn - Paolo Gozlino


Espartero - José Manuel Martin



Directed by - Nick Nostro (as Nick Howard)



 Stan - ††††† †††††

Jefferson - †††

Espartero - ††

other - †††††


Reviewed version - SPO

Banker Jefferson makes a deal with a Mexican gang to help them rob his bank. Jefferson however double-crosses the Mexicans and have the bank robbed with fake Mexicans so the real Mexicans gets the blame. Stan rides into town to meet up with his friend who was killed in the bank robbery. He agrees to hunt down the Mexicans but soon finds out the truth behind the robbery. With both revenge and money on his mind Stan takes the guilty ones out one after another.

Richard Harrison is great as Stan, he's rude and harsh, a good SW anti-hero. He's no superhero and gets beaten up a couple of times. He must be used to get beaten up since he got a set of spare glasses whenever they get broken in a fight. Good also that they didn't cast José Bodalo as the Mexican leader, for once he plays a gringo.

Not too much of killing and gunfights, we have to wait for over half the movie before Stan makes his first kill, but he does shoot some hands before that. Nice music by Fred Bongusto & Berto Pisano. Overall a nice piece of Spaghetti Western. -Make nine coffins ready.


Some dialogue:

Jefferson: "-Nobody can say you're wasting any time." Stan: "-I always have the time when I need money."

Stan: "-All that interests me is money, not someones gratitude."




16 July 2006