Once Upon a Time in The West

C'era Una Volta Il West


Man with harmonica - Charles Bronson


Frank - Henry Fonda


Cheyenne - Jason Robards


Jill McBain - Claudia Cardinale


Directed by - Sergio Leone


Kills: 19

Harmonica -

Frank -

Cheyenne -

other -


Reviewed version - English widescreen

Another classic, like all the Leone westerns. A must have, must watch, must know.


Some dialogue:

Harmonica: "-Did you bring a horse for me?" (Jack Elam): "-Looks like we are shy on one horse." Harmonica: "-You brought two too many."

Harmonica: "-I saw three of these dusters a short time ago, they where waiting for a train. Inside the dusters there where three men." Cheyenne: "-So?" Harmonica: "-Inside the men there where three bullets."

Cheyenne: (about Harmonica) "Instead of talking he plays, and when he better play, he talks."

Frank: "People scare better when they are dying."