a.k.a. Ballad of a Gunman

Ballata Per Un Pistolero



Rocco - Anthony Ghidra


Blackie - Angelo Infanti




Bedoja - Alfio Catalbiano  

   Chiucho - Mario Novelli


Also Starring: Dante Maggio, Monica Teuber, Ivan Scratuglia


Directed by - Alfio Catalbiano


Kills: 48

Rocco - ††††† ††††† ††††† †

Blackie - †

Bedoja - ††††† ††††† †††

other - ††††† ††††† ††††† †††


Reviewed version - Wild East DVD

Another adoption of 'For A Few Dollars More' with two men after a gang of bandits, one for revenge and the other for money.

Basic, solid, predictable Spaghetti Western including a set of clichιs familiar for the genre and 'For A Few Dollars More'. Even 'Fistful of Dollars' gets a homage: "-My mule don't like violence.". The biggest problem with this movie is the actors. Director Catalbiano plays the bandit gang leader Bedoja and lacks charisma, sure he kills people and hits women but thats about it. Ghidra and Infanti aren't much better but still pull out atleast an mediocre perfomance. Infanti's character Blackie is actally more of an backup than partner to Rocco and doesn't get that much attention. I also count he clean shaved cheeks of the main characters a minus.

The beginning is not too great and I got the feeling that they are including too many SW/Leone elements. Almost like a fanfilm which usually put those same element in a movie to make it look lika a Spaghetti Western, but failing when trying too much. It gets better toward the middle and you start to enjoy the ride, so the end verdict is positive.

Great scenery and backgrounds, not Almeria though. Music by Marcello Gimobini is pretty decent with a fast tempo.


Some dialogue:

Rocco: "-Uptil now we've had to travel on different roads and I think we do just as well to keep it like that. -You find you own way, this is my road."

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26 November 2006