A Pistol For Ringo

Una Pistola Per Ringo


Ringo "Angel Face" - Giuliano Gemma


Sancho - Fernando Sancho


Directed by - Duccio Tessari


Kills: 59

Ringo -

Sancho -

other -


Reviewed version - SPO DVD (Japanese)

Ringo is put into jail after he shoots four men in self defence. At the same time Sancho and his gang robs the bank in the town. On the run from the sheriff they take cover in a ranch down a canyon. The sheriff can't move in on them since it's too well defended. They need a man to enter the ranch and work the bandits from the inside. Ringo agrees to do it for a share of the money and to get free. Well inside he immediately starts to work a new deal with the bandits for an even bigger share of the money.

Ringo is not the average Spaghetti Western anti hero. He's more of a smartass but quick on the gun.

I didn't think the Christmas time suited the movie that well. Wonder where they got the spruce from, to my knowledge they don't grow around the Mexican border. There's also some badly edited parts, at one point we see two guys fall down, the next shot it's the same guys going down from a little different angle. I also saw a car in the background in one scene.

Music by Ennio Morricone is not his regular and is a bit too slow for my liking. We get some trumpets though.

The story is interesting and the hostage standoff works good. It feels like people is killed just for the fun of it and with ease. BANG - he's dead, "Oh there's someone running", BANG - he's dead. The bandits have no respect for human life, no matter if they're innocent or not.


Some dialogue:

Old Man: "-Everyone around here is looking for Ringo. And if you are lucky, when you see him, you walk the other way. You live longer."

Ringo: "-God created man equal. The sixgun made 'em different."

Ringo: "-It's a matter of principle."

Music clips: Angel Face.mp3

The Slaughter.mp3



11 March 2005