The Price Of Power

Il Prezzo Del Potere


William Willer - Giuliano Gemma


McDonald - Warren Vanders


Sheriff Jefferson - Benito Stefanelli


Directed by - Tonino Valerii


Kills: 45

Willer -

other -


Reviewed version - SPO Japanese DVD

The story about the assassination of the president of the USA and the conspiracy behind it. They imitated the JFK assassination in Dallas for the movie. Bill Willer gets involved when his father, who found out about the assassination attempt, is killed.

Lots of talk and not that much action. I found the political story quite boring. Tonino Valerii is a great director, just think what he could have done with a different story. Music and actors are all top notch. Pretty much the same locations as in "Once Upon A Time In The West". Why did they have to mess it up with the boring story?

There is not as much gunplay as the kill count might tell. Willer takes out 12 guys at once with dynamite and almost 20 men are killed in a bigger gunfight. The gunfights are limited and more time is spent on the framings and detective work.

Good movie and even better if you think you find the story interesting. I didn't.


Some dialogue:

"-When a president dies, there's always another, eager to take his place."

Music clip: Main Theme.mp3




26 Feb. 2005