Price Of Death

Il Venditore Di Morte



Silver - Gianni Garko


Chester Convay - Klaus Kinski


Also Starring: Gely Genka, Franco Abbina, Luciano Lorcas, Laura Gianoli, Giancarlo Prete, Luigi Casellato, Alan Collins


Directed by - Lorenzo Gicca Palli (As Vincent Thomas)


Kills: 11

Silver -

Convay -

other -


Reviewed version - X-Rated DVD

A girl is murdered and right after the saloon is robbed where another girl and some men are killed. The townsfolk blame local bandit and black sheep Chester Convay, but not all are convinced he is guilty. Chester is thrown in jail waiting to be hanged. The towns drunk lawyer and the saloon owner hires Mr. Silver to find out who the real killer is.

Since it's basically a murder mystery, gunfights are not to be expected. There a a couple of places where the murderer takes out some witnesses, otherwise minimal gunplay. Garko first appears a bit strange but by the time he gets into his Sartana gear he's ok. Strangely this wasn't sold as a Sartana movie, it has a certain Sartana feel in it, minus the gunplay, which is a big minus. Klaus Kinksi is pretty much locked up behind bars all the movie and only have a couple of bursts of rage. The murder mystery plot could have been so much better, even if you might guess who the guilty one is the motive is a somewhat of an anti-climax. Music by Mario Migliardi is ok, atleast the main theme.

I can't hate it but it's not the kind of Spaghetti Western I enjoy.




16 December 2007