Ringo, Face Of Revenge

Ringo Il Volto Della Vendetta

Los Cuatro Salvajes



Ringo - Anthony Steffen


Trickie - Frank Wolff


Tim - Eduardo Fajardo


Fidel - Armando Calvo


Also Starring: Alejandra Nilo, Alfonso Goda, Amedeo Trilli, Ricardo Canales


Directed by - Mario Caiano


Kills: 38

Ringo -

Trickie -

Tim -

other -


Reviewed version - X-Rated DVD

Ringo and Tim are partners, they save Fidel and find out he has a treasure map tattooed on his back. The other half of the map is on a Sheriff. Trickie the gambler also swindles himself into the deal...

A 'Good, Bad and Ugly' setup with a map to a treasure and a set of different men each posessing parts of the map. They have to work together but still look out for ways to betray and stab each other in the back. At first it even feel like a comedy, might be only the English dub, but Ringo and Tim seems to have good time. It turns more serious later though.

This is a mediocre SW, it's not bad but it's not good either. The biggest fallpoint is the characters, they lack the coolness of SW characters. Steffen is at his usual, some like it, I didn't. Wolff has done much better roles but Fajardo suprises with a good perfomance. Good locations and great music. Watchable, but far from a masterpiece.


Some dialogue:

Paco: "-I may be a pig but I'm also the boss here."




14 February 2007