The Return Of Ringo

Il Ritorno di Ringo


Ringo, Montgomery Brown - Giuliano Gemma


Paco Fuentes - George Martin


Esteban - Fernando Sancho



Rosita - Nieves Navarro      Helen - Lorella De Luca


Directed by - Duccio Tessari


Kills: 50

Ringo -

other -


Reviewed version - SPO Japanese DVD

Ringo returns from the Civil War to find out his home town has been taken over by some Mexicans. They have taken his home and killed his relatives. His wife and daughter are under the reign of the Mexicans. Ringo doesn't go in guns blazing, he dresses up as a Mexican peon and hires himself as the town florists assistant and begins to plan his revenge.

The sequel doesn't fit in with the first Ringo movie. It is a new movie with pretty much the same cast. (George Martin who played the gringo sheriff in Pistol For Ringo returns as a Mexican.) Ringo is not the same kind of smartass he was in the first. It wouldn't have fit anyway since this is more of a sad story. In the first Ringo movie, Ringo referred to his father to have fought in the Civil War but here it is Ringo who returns from the war. They should have made Ringo's child to have been a boy so he could have grow up and become the Ringo in the first movie.

The movie seems a bit dragged out and pretty boring when Ringo is the florist assistant. It would have needed some more action and not wait until the end. Directing is good and the music score by Morricone is great. The Brown residence looks abit out of place compared to the rest of the deserted locations. Ringo also looks stupid in the beginning with the front of his hat bent upwards, reminded me of Benny Hill.


Some dialogue:

Ringo: "-I'll explain afterwards."

Ringo: "-Nobody wants to die, sheriff. But to be afraid means dying every day. A man who isn't afraid can only die once."

Music clips: The Return of Ringo.mp3



27 March 2005