Run, Man, Run!

Corri, Uomo, Corri


Cuchillo - Tomas Milian


Cassidy - Donal O'Brien


Directed by - Sergio Sollima


Kills: 41

Cuchillo -

Cassidy -

other -


Reviewed version - Blue Undergroud DVD Spaghetti Western Collection.

One of the political Spaghetti Westerns set in the Mexican Revolution. Cuchillo gets mixed up in a hunt for 3 million dollars in gold. He knows the location and gets everyone after him. Bandits, revolutionaries, bountuhunters and Cassidy. Who is more of the usual Spaghetti "hero" while Cuchillo is a poor mexican also featured in Sollimas earlier "The Big Gundown". I can't say that I like the Cuchillo character, without O'Brien I wouldn't have enjoyed the movie half as much as I did. Thumbs up for Donald. Too bad Sollima made Cassidys final duel such an anti-climax.

The music has its up and down moments. I didn't like the main theme but the rest is good. Maestro Morricone does it again even if it was Bruno Nicolai who was credited.

Not mind blowing but entertaining enough Spaghetti Western.


Some dialogue:

Soldier: "-Now we can throw you behind bars, right Cuchillo?" Cuchillo: "-If it's right for you it has to be right for me."

Cuchillo: "-A man, you should kill him like making love to a woman, you know? With feeling, with sentimental..." Cassidy: "-I strung you up with feeling, didn't I?"