Ehi Amico... C' Sabata, Hai Chiuso!



Sabata - Lee Van Cleef


Banjo - William Berger


Mr. Stengel - Franco Ressel


Also Starring: Pedro Sanches, Aldo Canti, Antonio Gradoli, Linda Veras, Roberto Undari, Gianni Rizzo


Directed by - Gianfranco Parolini (as Frank Kramer)


Kills: ~82

Sabata ~ (50)

Banjo -

other ~


Reviewed version - Stingray DVD

The local richman Mr. Stengel sets up a bank robbery. Sabata kills the robbers and finds out who is behind the robbery and starts to blackmail Stengel. Stengel of course think that it's easier to get Sabata killed than to pay him...

The movie got all the elements I enjoy in a Spaghetti Western. Over the top, almost super human gunmen, high killcount, great music, great locations, gadgets, greed, backstabbing... It's all fun not to be taken too seriously.

Lee Van Cleef is at his best and gets a great supporting cast from William Berger and Franco Ressel featuring the greatest comb over in the world of Spaghetti Westerns.

Also one of the greatest music soundtracks ever in any Spaghetti Western by Mercello Giombini.


Some dialogue:

Sabata: "-Sit down. -Sit down and eat."

Sabata: "-A wise man keeps his distance."

Stengel: "-All men gifted with superior talent and thus whit superior powers, must command and use inferior men."

Stengel: "-You are here because that's what I wanted." Sabata: "-Stengel sit down."

Priest to Sabata: "-Look my son, what you are doing is not good for you, it's not just, it's not human."

Banjo to Sabata: "-Hmm, me in the south and you in the north. -We might both have died because of old age... Instead our path cross once again."

Music clips: Sabata.mp3


Nel Covo Di Stengel.mp3





Updated 20 October 2007