Return of Sabata

Θ Tornato Sabata... Hai Chiuso Un'altra Volta


Sabata - Lee van Cleef


Clyde - Raynor Scheine (Reiner Schφne)


Directed by - Gianfranco Parolini (Fank Kramer)


Kills: ~27

Sabata ~ ††††† ††††† ††††† (+6 fake)

Clyde - 0

other ~ 12



Reviewed version - English pan & scan

"Nine fingered man, four barreled Derringer"

Another failed sequel. Tries to imitate the great first Sabata movie in more than one way but fails in all of them. Sabata isn't as trigger happy as in the first one, the movie goes on for over an hour until he makes the first kills. Unless you count the 6 circus "kills" in beginning... Scheine tries to be what William Berger was in the first movie, playing both sides and his own. But doesn't even come close to William Bergers superb Banjo. Alot of the actors from the first Sabata movie are in this one too. We got the indian dude jumping from roofs again, this time he wears a suit. Well enough about comparing it to the first Sabata movie, it doesn't even come close.

The plot made me a bit confusing. Theres alot of things, gold, fake money, taxes, old debts... I didn't get it all, maybe I should to watch it over and over to get the idea, but as bad as it is, I can't. Only reason I can find to watch this movie is Lee van Cleef and his new neat pistol, they alone can't save it though.


Some dialogue:

Sabata: "-You see Maggie, im old fasioned, I don't like orgies."

Sabata: "-You know by staying partners we can earn more than this." Clyde: "-I see what you're aiming for and what if you swindle me on deal?" Sabata: "-Im not like you."

Music clips: Title Song.mp3

Sequence 2.mp3