I Am Sartana Your Angel Of Death



Sartana - Gianni Garko


Buddy Ben- Frank Wolff


Holden - Klaus Kinski


Directed by - Giuliano Carnimeo (Anthony Ascott)


Kills: 79

Sartana -

Buddy Ben-

Holden -

other -


Reviewed version - Franco Cleef DVD-R

Someone robs a bank dressed up as Sartana. The real Sartana gets a bunch of bounty-hunters after him, including Klaus Kinski as Holden, the extremely unlycky gambler. Sartana wants to know who framed him, clear his name and maybe get his hands on the bank money anyway.

Good directing by Giuliano Carnimeo, his first Sartana movie. Gianni Garko is as cool as ever as Sartana. Klaus Kinski is great and funny as always. Lots of kills and gunfights. Nice music. Spaghetti Western at its purest. Great one.


Some dialogue:

Poker player: "-Hey Sartana. You ain't gonna just gonna walk out cause somebody here was cheating, and my bet is that you was that somebody" Sartana: "-The only queen I pull, is the queen of spades."

Woman: "-Please, I pay you if you don't hurt him." Holden: "-Don't worry, I don't hurt anybody when I shoot, they die right away."

Holden: "-Load them up, they're worth $1500 each. I need cash for our poker game , but don't cheat. I'll loose anyway."

Sartana: "-There you go, there's 30 of them, same rate as Judas."