Sartana Kills Them All

Un Par De Asesinos / Lo Irritarono... E Santana Fece Piazza Pulita



Santana - Gianni Garko


Marcos - Guglielmo Spoletini (as William Bogard)


Also Starring: Maria Silva, Andres Mejuto, Raf Baldassarre, Carlos Bravo, Carlos Romero Marchent, Chris Huerta, Cristina Iosani, Frank Braρa, Alvaro De Luna, Jesus Guzman, Luis Induni, Jesus Aristu, Maria Martin, Lorenzo Robledo, Jose Antonio Lopez, Francisco Sanz

Directed by - Rafael Romero Marchent

The outlaws Santana and Marcos are aware of a $100.000 loot that is missing from a robbery. Together they hunt down the loot with the sheriff on their tail and a femme fatale joining them for the ride.

First, don't get this confused with the Sartana series. Garko's character is called Santana in the Italian dub and Sartana in the English. His character is not even close to the real Sartana. Just something added by the producers to get more attention with the names Garko and Sartana.

The movie has some funny and comedic moments. Violent at times but there is some love, lust and even romance in the air, so this is not one of the gritty Spaghettis. Storywise very thin and more focus is set on the relationships of the characters. I didn't find neither Garko nor Spoletini very appealing in their roles. There are some much more interesting side characters like the Kirby gang of father and sons. A bunch of familiar Spaghetti faces can also be found.

Decent score by Marcello Giombini. Watchable, but still mediocre and no competition for the top of the genre.


Kills: 20 Santana - ††††† †
  Marcos - ††††† ††
  other - ††††† ††












5 November 2008