Death Sentence

Sentenza Di Morte



Cash/Django - Robin Clarke



O'Hara - Tomas Milian_


___Diaz - Richard Conte



Montero - Enrico Maria Salerno



__Baldwin - Adolfo Celi

Directed by - Mario Lanfranchi


Kills: 32

Cash -

other -


Reviewed version - Koch Media DVD

Cash taking revenge on the four men that killed his brother. Four different revenge stories in one movie since each revenge is a small episode on it own. This one could almost be called the ultimate revenge Spaghetti Western.

Not many dull moments, since the episodes are just over 20 minutes, the movie keeps your attention well. The villains are great and vary from each other. There's the ranch owner Diaz, the gambler Montero, the preacher Baldwin and finally the gold loving albino O'Hara, played by Tomas Milian. Robin Clarke's first and only western, manages to pull out a good performance. I couldn't really portray any of the big SW stars instead of him in the lead, that would have made it a totally different movie.

Shot and directed by style. Even if the base revenge story is simple the way in which the revenges are taken makes this stand out. Too bad Mario Lanfrachi only directed one Spaghetti Western, more like this would have been welcome.

The Koch Media DVD has German-Italian audio with english subtitles.




20 November 2006