Shoot, Gringo... Shoot!

Spara, Gringo, Spara



Chad Stark - Brian Kelly


Fidel - Fabrizio Moroni


Major Doneghan - Keenan Wynn


Seρor Quintana - Folco Lulli


Also Starring: Rik Battagla, Giovanni Pallavicino, Erica Blanc, Furio Meniconi, Linda Sini

Directed by - Bruno Corbucci


Reviewed version - Koch Media DVD (Italian audio with English subs)

Whip-wielding outlaw Stark is hired to find and return the son of Seρor Quintana. Fidel, the son, has joined an outlaw gang of crazy ex-soldiers. Since Fidel doesn't want to return home, Stark got his hands full to get him the long ride back home. With the law, outlaws and soldiers on their tail they have to work together to stay alive.

Sergio Corbucci's brother Bruno's addition to the Spaghetti Western genre is not a bad effort. Kelly and Moroni plays well together even if Moroni get a bit annoying with his mascara at times. It's the last big screen movie and only western with Brian Kelly, he was in a motorcycle accident in 1970 and his career as an actor was over. Keenan Wynn and his gang are responsible for the few comedic moments in the movie, otherwise it's a story that keeps your interest, not to forget the gunplay action.

Sante M. Romitelli's music for the movie is ok. Locationwise we get Almeria, almost djungle like green forests and a sand desert. The change between these are really fast, one time in the green valley, the next in the hot desert. There are a couple of strange cuts but I'm not sure if it's the DVD or the editing. One is the catching of Stark, the chase begins and next scene his caught. Another one is the robbery by Maj. Doneghan's gang, namely the change from the dusguise to the holdup.

There's not many flaws I can think of, very enjoyable and highly recommended.


Kills: 47 Stark - ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††
  Fidel - ††††† ††††† ††††† †††
  other - ††













(2 August 2008)