Shoot The Living... Pray For The Dead

Prega Il Morto E Ammazza Il Vivo


John Webb - Paul Sullivan


Dan Hogan - Klaus Kinski


Directed by - Giuseppe Vari


Kills: 9

John Webb-

Dan Hogan -

other -


Reviewed version - Koch Media DVD

Dan Hogan and his gang has robbed a bank for $100.000 in gold. Now they need to get over the desert to Mexico. John Webb offers to be their guide for half of the gold, but is that his true intention?

Extemely slow paced, half of the movie we have a hostage standoff, at a small ranch, while waiting for the gold to get there. The other half we got a bunch of people riding in the desert (and having water problems after 5 minutes). Not even Klaus Kinski can save it. He does the regular Kinski madman. Kinskis character also suffers alot because of the poor English dubbing.

There's not much good to say. Gunplay is almost unexisting and there is no exitement. Music is some of the worst ever but fits the slow pace of the movie. For some strange reason I still found it watchable. Maybe because it's a good way to relax. If you wonder how it feels to be asleep while you're awake, watch this one.


Some dialogue:

Woman: "-You're not like other men, you're an animal and I like you!" Dan Hogan: "-Shut your mouth you stupid bitch."

Dan Hogan: "-You fool! A good gunman leaves his woman but not his gun!"

Music clip: Main Titles.mp3



7 March 2005